New TI BAII Plus

Hello all, I just picked up a new back-up TI BAII Plus to bring to the exm in case of failure of my other one. I seem to remember when I started at L1 with my calc, there was some setting that needed to be changed on the calculator to set up the TVM functions to work in the most intuitive way. Does anyone recall if there is a setting change that needs to be made when you take the calculator out of the box and if so, could you help with what it is?

change from BGN to END > 2nd PMT (BGN). you don’t need to change this if you remember how your calc is doing it and adjust for it, though.

Yeah, I’m familiar with that adjustment and that wasn’t it. The one that I’m thinking of had something to do with the time periods (N) and how you enter the interest rate (I/Y). I may be mistaken, though, there may be no adjustment necessary.


is there a way to show more digits after the decimal?? i am sick of multiplying my answers with 1000 to look at more precise numbers :frowning:

For Decimal 2nd . (FORMAT) then enter the no. of digit you wanted.