new to CFA exam

Hi everyone I’m only a little familiar with the CFA exam. and the CFA website doesn’t help much. So, hopefully you guys can clear something up for me. 1) Once I register and pay the fee for Level 1 exam, do I get any study books/notes/CD/sample exams from the CFA program ?? or do I have to go out and buy study books from somewhere else ? 2) Assuming I get the books from the CFA. Will studying these books alone help me pass the test ? Thanks

Those are very simple questions answered on the website. I suggest you search more thoroughly and search this forum too before posting.

  1. YES 2) YES (you can get Study Notes to supplement this material) The site definitely contains all this info.

were books included in cost for the 2007 exam as well?? Thanks

no. this is new from the 2008 exam onwards

thanks cpk123, i thought i was the dumb ass that didn’t know