New to CFA

Hello, I am new to CFA and I could use some help about it. I am thinking in participating in level 1 exams at June 2020. Do you have any suggestion about the books , the online courses and the study plan?

Thank you very much.

My suggestion about the books, is that you read them! lol.

But for real bro, will set you down the path you need to be on.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Just going to share what I wished I knew when I started L1.

  1. You can use summarized notes like Schweser and Wiley, instead of the CFAI books comfortably for L1. I remember that I was quite sad from taking so long to read through and understand the curriculum books. They were just so long and verbose that it took hours to draw the main concept on each reading. When my friend shared me his Schweser notes, it was a godsend because I was able to understand the concepts clearly without too much fluff, then was able to apply it more easily at half the time.

  2. Pair studying from summarized notes with answering end-of-chapter and blue box questions from the CFAI books. Summarized notes will have some gaps, but doing these exercises from the curriculum books will do a lot for closing the knowledge gaps.

  3. Make your own handwritten notes. While reading through the summarized notes from Schweser or Wiley, writing your own notes on separate notebooks will help cement the concepts for you. When I didn’t have time, I also tried to type my notes on the laptop/ipad but it didn’t have the same impact as handwritten ones.

  4. Make time to answer online topic tests, and mock exams.

  5. Try to take 1-2 weeks of leave before the exam to help you focus

Good luck on the journey! And hope you can finish it all the way to the end and receive your charter

Thank you very much for your suggestion and the guidance.

My advise: Do it!. it does suck and it does rattle you but…it is rewarding. you’ll learn a shirt load.

Well, my next advise is that don’t listen 10k…I have been listening enough the poor guy rambling about studying in public libraries and drinking cheap beers under NYC bridges…but he is a good guy anyway!

So in short:

Do the damn thing and don’t give up!

Don’t listen to 10k!

Quit your yappin will ya George?