New to CFA

Two days back a bright idea! why don’t I take up my CFA. Been thinking about it for a while but never pulled the trigger. I know I can cramp up like 35 hrs a week. Is it too late to start studying for the June exam? I do have some background in Finance and was able to find some Schweser study notes. So I’m good with the material part and I realize the final deadline is March 17th for the June exam. But realistically is it still doable? Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

Not too late at all.

It’s not too late because it is better to start late than putting it off! But in my opinion, it will be very, very challenging to pass given the amount of material you have to go through, regardless of your background. So, either put in roughly 3 hours a day at a minimum from now till exam day, or don’t expect to pass. In the worst case, you will really be ready for December.

Thanks for the input guys. Thats what I figured even if I don’t pass atleast I would have enough time to work on my weak chapters and prepare well for the December exam.

If you get Schwerser and commit, you can get through the material rather quickly.

If you have 35 hrs/week you have more than enough time