New to CFA

Looking to take the CFA and start as soon as possible. I believe the sign up date isnt till later this month to take the test in June of 2015? Any general advice on preperation or how to go about things would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi! Start early. Take notes in your own words. For L1, I had great experiences with Schweser Notes. Do lots of practice problems and never underestimate ethics.

I believe registration will open for June '15 later this month, yes

Thanks! Looking forward to starting.

Welcome to the show, friend

Make your own flashcards.

*Read curriculum or notes (if you choose a third party service).

*Do end of chapter (EOC) questions from curriculum

*Give a month to do mock exams and revision before the actual exam.

May I ask why are you taking it June '15 rather than Dec '14?