new to the site

hi everyone, unfortunately i didnt find out about this site until the schweser review course in dallas last may. my coworker who just took level 2 with me didnt pass, so i will definitely be consulting this site for help to get me through level 3! congrats to all who passed! a few responses to some of the other posts… -just passed level 2 -im 24 -got a 72% on the 40/60/80 system -portfolio management was crappy and looking at some other people’s scores, it seemed like it was rough for others as well. i wonder what it was that made it so difficult? -used schweser review notes and attended schweser 5 day seminar in dallas, never cracked open the actual cfa curriculum. -plan on using schweser review notes and attending the 5 day seminar in dallas again

Welcome to AF clee. You may want to take a look at the CFAI texts for L3 based on some feedback from 08 takers.