New type of Bro

Anyone identify with that?

surprised a lady of your caliber visits buzzfeed

Indeed, when krc said she didn’t like me, I was devastated.

That’s pretty damn queer. I mean that in every possible way.

This was posted on FB by a PHd in neuroscience. Go figure

Conformist sheeple

I cant be the only person that thought this screamed stuff white people like

Wait, are “nouveau bros” basically just the millennial douchebags?

Anyhow, no I can’t identify.

I am not shocked by anything on that list taken in isolation.

But I do see a pattern of things that fit many 25-35 nowadays ; many of whom are miserable pieces of shit who think the world stops and starts at their convenience.

And I’ll take the nouveau bro anyday before I take the vintage bro, tho.

How dare you post on this thread before I could finish my post!

My wife bought me a tank top that I call my bro top. Does that make me a bigger douche given that I’m acknowledging my douchiness?


Who is “vintage bro”, American 1950s dudes? Those guys were there bosses.


I meant the classic bro that you saw in clubs downtown between 1995-2005 in North America.

If anybody here is from Montreal he will know what I am talking about.

Typically of mediterranean (2-3rd generation) or middle/eastern (first generation rich kids) descent.

All around bad taste, often aggressive, speaking English with fake New Jersey Aytalian accent, etc.