New Wiley/Elan Guides

Has anybody brought the new Elan (or Wiley now) guide for the Level 2 2015 Exam? If so, what do you guys think of it ? I don’t see they mentioning the Eleventh Hour Guide with it, and so was wondering if the guide also comes with the package ?


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Are they available to order already?

I still get the “will be available for purchase here starting in the last week of August” message on the Wiley CFA 2015 page. Which is disappointing, given that it’s Friday afternoon (in Europe) of said week. This is the link I visited, and it looks like its avilable to order now

From what the company says, the only that changed is the name. I used them for level 1 and hope it truly is the same. Does it tell you if Peter Olinto is still doing the videos for them?

Hi pandeyanop, thanks for the info. I am still waiting if there’s any information about discount code can be applied.


I just bought it…It’s incomplete…They only have the electronic versions available. Alot of it is missing and we be only available December 2014. As for the practice problems they wont’ be available until Feb 2014. This year Elan had a bad reputation on giving stuff out late…but I love their videos so much. Yes Peter Olinto and the other guy are back and they do the video lectures.

On a good note. I told them I was a returning customer and they gave me a 40 percent discount.

Oh yah and they use the horrible Vita source bookshelf…for their electronic textbooks now which is horrible.

Ah h**l, they are using Vital source too ? Are the videos at least complete ?

Looks like this year schweser also use vital source :smiley:

The video still not complete…

To be clear, are you saying that Wiley/Elan has already posted one or more of the five e-books? If so how many? Also, have they posted videos for some of the 56 readings? If so, how many?

Readings with Lectures releasing December 2014 Reading 1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct Reading 35: Market-Based Valuation: Price and Enterprise Value Multiples Reading 2: Guidance for Standards I-VII Reading 36: Residual Income Valuation Reading 20: Evaluating Quality of Financial Reports Reading 37: Private Company Valuation Reading 25: Corporate Performance Governance and Business Ethics Reading 42: The Term Structure and Interest Rate Dynamics Reading 28: Equity Valuation: Applications and Processes Reading 43: Arbitrage-Free Valuation Framework Reading 29: Return Concepts Reading 44: Valuation and Analysis: Bonds with Embedded Options Reading 33: Discounted Dividend Valuation Reading 46: Introduction to Asset-Backed Securities Reading 34: Free Cash Flow Valuation Readings with No Video Lecture: Reading 4: The Glenarm Company Reading 7: Trade Allocation: Fair Dealing and Disclosure Reading 5: Preston Partners Reading 14: Economics of Regulation Reading 6: Super Selection Reading 31: Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

Hmm, confusing answer. . Here’s what I want to know: . 1) For how many of the 56 L2 CFAI readings has Elan posted their version of the readings as of today? Zero? 56? Some number in-between? . 2) For how many of the 56 L2 readings has Elan posted their video as of today? Zero? 56? Some number in-between?

actually jlion1786 has already answered it.

  1. All 56 readings available on vital source now.

  2. Videos available as of today 56-15-6 = 35

Videos will be available as of Dec 2014 = 35 + 15 = 50

How do they stream their videos?


What do you need to do to get the 40% discount as a returning customer?

Just input discount code : CFA-RETAKE


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Could someone please help out on this: On how many devices can one download the Wiley Materials?

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Based on Wiley website :

2 mobile devices &

2 PC’s

Anyone tried printing these books from vital source? I get an error and the program will shut down, or if it lets me get to the print screen it says I am restricted to printing 2 pages at once which is a huge pain in the ass. Anyone else having this?