New York City, b!tches!

Non b!tches also feel free to take note. I’m finally shipping off to New York. Time line is end of this year to beginning of next year. See you around.

Living there or visiting?

Sounds like a new job. Yeah man!

Ohai. Been a long time coming brah. Respect.

Spill the beans, what brings you here? What will you be doing? Where will you live in Harlem?

We’re hiring out here in Midland, Texas. What’s the matter with us?

Thanks guys. Here are answers to faq:

  1. I am moving there, not visiting.

  2. I will have the same job, but they are moving the desk to NY.

I think it will be good.

Yo Greenie, what are you hiring for and where at approximately? I absolutely LOVE Dallas. The women are Beautiful Southern Belles, the BBQ is excellent, and the people are nonliberal. It’s like the utopia of the USA.

And packing is not only allowed, but commanded.

So Ohai, get a flat up in Harlem and live by the AF Brotha. I’ll take you under my wing and show you the frugal foodie spots around town. It’ll be fun, we’ll eat BBQ (and Korean BBQ just for you), drink malt beverages, and kick it while we pontificate CFA related topics.

Don’t forget guns. Lots of guns. :wink:

Congrats Ohai. Decide where to live by listening to the sterotypes in the embedded song: [video:]

Midland is a little diferent than Dallas. Midland people don’t consider Dallas people real Texans in my experience.

Well, let me first state that Midland is NOT Dallas. Midland is about 350 miles west of Dallas.

And when I say “we’re hiring”, I mean that the whole Permian Basin area is booming. Double-digit year-over-year growth for the past few years. I know it won’t last forever, but times are pretty good out in the oil patch right now.

In all sincerity–there’s no place for most AF people out here. If it weren’t for personal/family reasons, I wouldn’t have moved out here.

And if I ever do move away from here, Fort Worth is definitely on my short list of places to live.

@CvM - where’s this “Podunkville” that you were almost forced to move to? Would Oklahoma City be considered “Podunkville”? Or are we talking Tucson? Or Williston, ND?

I’ve never been to the town that my current employer is alledgedly moving to. But the pop of the new town is around 70k in the middle of the midwest. Not rural, but certainly not city.

…yeah…that does sound a little podunk, even for me.

Certainly wouldn’t do it if there weren’t family involved.

@rawraw - What’s your experience with West Texicans?

Congratulations and good luck on the move. Let’s grab drinks when you’re settled in.


I noticed Ohai posting at 9 a.m. NY time, 6 a.m. SF time.

You waking up early just to post on AF, or did you finally make the move?

Congrats and good luck!

nice job. congrats!

Did we ever have a AF happy hour to celebrate this?

Rack city, bitch.

^Bay Ridge / Bensonhurst - the purest spots of NYC.