newbie question

I am a newbie to the CFA exams. Any words of advise for someone trying to take the CFA level 1 in december this year without any prior accounting/finance experience. Thanks

Have u started studyn?

If you haven’t started some serious studying, my advice would be to sign up for June 09.

if your serious, you shld get hold of the study guides (schweser, stalla etc). you wont get through the syllabus using CFAi texts in 3 mths otherwise. leave a few weeks to review, do past papers etc at the end + lots of questions. the same question is asked over and over again on here so read through some past posts for a range of good advice. good luck!

you better start studying now and i hope to god you do not work full time. otherwise, unless you are ridiculous good at tests, you are fu&&.

since you have no accounting/fin bground…better to sign up for June 09. I really hope you haven’t registered yet.

There are around 80 subsections. Depending on other priorities (work, ec), if you do 2 a day and learn them properly you can finish with enough time to review the material. Good luck!

i think its possible, dont let the naysayers tell you its not possible, you gotta stay on top of it though