Hi I am planning to take the CFA level 1 in Dec 09’. I had a few questions regarding the same. 1. Once I register to take the test on Dec 09’ can I then change that to say June 10’? 2. Where can I get the study material for this test? Thanks

Hi! 1) You are registering for a specific exam date. Therefore it is not possible to switch the dates (maybe except for some serious circumstances). 2) Study material is currently included in the registration fee and you will get a heavy parcel with the books a few days after the registration. I don’t know your personal circumstances, but if you start studying now or within the next few months, you will have enough time to prepare for the exam.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I do not have a background in finance. I am an engineering student working as a software engineer. I am looking to break into the finance industry by taking CFA. I wish to pursue a career in investment banking. I would like to know how difficult it is, and how much time it would take to prepare for CFA level 1? Also, could I get any kind of study notes so as to get a fair idea of what it is to give this test? Thanks

Atleast level 1 is not that difficult, the thing is the curriculum is very vast, but if you devote 10-15 hrs a week, I think that should be enough. Secondly, there study notes such as ‘Schweser’ and ‘Stalla’, besides the CFAI text books. These notes are complete and sufficient to pass the exam.

go to these sites to learn more about the exam and the available materials and dude seriously if you start now you have ample of time for Dec 09 even if you don’t have fin background…

Thanks a lot for all your responses.

Investment banking? I know alot of investment bankers that are out of work now, and wont have much work in the new future. Ever hear of CDOs and SIVs? Not much demand any more. If you want to change the date, I did after sustaining a neck injury sparring in jiujitsu. I was on pain killers and couldnt lean on my left arm. Got a doctors note.

The investment banking world has unfortunately completely changed…actually, we could ask ourselves what i’banking is in today’s environment… All major i’banks have changed their status to bank holdings, thus loosing their leverage power (going as far up as 33:1) to increase their risk/return tradeoff. They will now be subject to far greater regulation by financial authorities, and compensation packages will most likely follow a downward spiral… as you have correctly said BizBanker, some segments/markets in i’banking have very little demand…anyways, my intention was not to discourage anyone (or myself for that matter!), best of luck to everyone for the CFA, and lets all hope this turmoil will make us even stronger! Cheers

And here I thought I was the only one who trained Jiujitsu and was taking a finance designation.

Hi All, I am a L1 candidate for Dec 09 exam. Got my books today. Was just wondering, how many candidates have started studying for the Dec 09 exam ?

I am still on the fence as to which one I should take later this year - CFA or CAIA, decision, decision …

From what I understand, the CAIA is more of a specialization, and better leveraged on-top of a CFA Charter. It’s ultimately your choice, but being there are three levels of CFA only offered each June and two levels of CAIA is offered twice a year, I would get to work on both to the best of your ability. In my opinion, completing the CFA will give you a good overview to get started with the CAIA. Just a thought.