Newly added topics this year

Not that I have any basis to think so, but it’s possible that the topics that have been added into the syllabus this year might appear on the exam. Like last year, Private firm valuation was a new topic and got a vignette of its own… So anyone got a list of topics that were added this year? I know Inventories and Long Lived Assets were added into FRA…


Yes, I too would be interested in finding out the newly added topics this year.

As a L2 (band 9) flunky last year, I can confirm Inventories and Long-Lived Assets are new to this year. Not a major issue, however, since it was previously a L1 concept that was heavily tested. According to the link below, the rest seems to be mostly verbiage changes. Enjoy

some of the annoying corporate finance material was removed (Degree of Operating Leverage, Degree of Total Leverage, etc…)