Newly announced CFA Level 4

When I arrived at work today, I found a note with the following at my desk.

CFA on Bloomberg! Just announed a 4th level. Current charter holders granted immunity!

Thought some of you may be amused. Obviously its a joke! Can you imagine if we were suddenly told there is yet another exam!?!?!

Best of luck everyone

current candidates granted immunity sounds better.

imagine you think you have finished this coming June. but no… one more to go… hell no!!!

Im already on CFA level 4, where you guys been? I might even take level 5 next year!

What else are you taking to the next level?

I am not sure what that means? Oh and let me re-state… I am a level 4 CFA, I might even be a level 5 CFA next year.

or a leveled CFA

No, that was last year.

level 5… NOO…lets hope all of us clear CFA level 4 now & put an end to resume our normal routine…

Actually Level IV will be a reality in 2013. It’ll consist largely of constructed response questions.

Level III is being replaced with an entire day of Level II quant and derivatives.

I threw up when I read that.

I hope you know I was only kidding.

Just think about if you had taken the test in 1963 and failed. The next year it changed to the current three parter. the pass rate in 1963 though was around 96% (probably in part due to motivation of not having to take three tests), But it must sucked for those 4%!

Not funny.w


Could you imagine…

no way im going thru this again

had a sickening feeling when i read the post and i almost threw up… :stuck_out_tongue:

i am thinking…

a CFA candidate, making a false statement on behalf of CFA institute

even a joke like this, is this a violation of professional conduct?

Actually they are thinking of ultimately making it seven levels, to be competitive with the actuary exams…

Level IV will be Stochastic Calculus with Financial Market Applications :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes: not only a joke, but even the appearance of a joke, and looking at the joke, or giving the appearance of looking at the joke - we’re talking at least 5 years ban from the program :smiley:

The NYSSA did something similar a while ago, release a statement that level II is being held in December as well as January (an April fool’s joke).