News Bloopers

This was funny. The guy running in the horse-head mask at around 4:00 was what made me think I had to share it with the very fine folk here on AF.

The better stuff is at the beginning… it does get kinda weak toward the end… recovering a bit in the last minute.


Horse guy = numi??

Anyway, here is another one. Moral of the story is don’t wear white pants.


“I know the vacuum man. He’s seen my tits.”

Wow. You don’t even need to translate the profanities. English and German are pretty close after all… (or maybe that was Dutch or Danish, not sure).

I liked the sausage festival one. Where can you buy tickets again??? laugh

Yeah it was okay that she crapped herself on TV, it was only the white pants that did her in.

Traffic in Houston guy at 9:50. haha