news from the real world!!

rafa nadal in huge trouble in paris… 5-1 soderling in tiebreaker. if he wins tiebreaker, he wins match

I’m happy this post was not about MTV. Thanks for the update.

i assume it’s not tape-delayed


those fans must be the most quiet on earth!!!

awesome. also, mentsjov falling off his bike in the giro but winning nevertheless

they were actually cheering for soderling… Ivanovic and Nadal out, ouchhh

i was studying ethics while watching the match, so no real loss. now i am definitely taking CFA studying over watching anna ivanovic get beaten, LOL

oh, is the ivanovic taped?? not that i care that much

yea its taped. Spoiler 6-2 6-3.

paullllly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yea its taped. Spoiler 6-2 6-3. paullllly thanks, aren’t u supposed to give a warning on a spoiler?? LOL (i don’t care… i’m going to study anyway)