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What websites and blogs most AFrs use for looking up company specific news. I would imagine that there are certain blogs (maybe good for one particular sector or industry) where news and somewhat credible rumours get posted before they get on the big ones like wsj or bloomberg.

you have to pay for them. i like flyonwall and briefing.

Are there any good free ones? I once stumbled upon an aircraft maintenance engineers blog which had a section devoted to company workings and finances and was really interesting. Will dig up the link and post it here. Its hard to compile a list of such blogs but a lot of times such blogs will have some great info on companies. Of course you gotta filter out the junk but you can put Mosaic theory to some good use.

engadget and gizmodo, boy genius, techcrunch, valleywag.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > engadget and gizmodo, boy genius, techcrunch, > valleywag. techcrunch & valleywag…Sweet


itmonkey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > google Try finding a post on Lehman in AF by just typing up Lehman in google in the first 3-4 pages of search results. And a lot of times, a post on Lehman in AF would be more informative than the all the wsj articles, you would see in the search results. Everybody has their own favourite blogs for industry news/perspectives. Naturally, we see a lot of links to financial blogs posted on AF but it would be nice to have a few for different industry/sectors say resource companies etc.

silicon alley insider

Bloomberg. For me is brillianat.