Next 5 months

Hey guys,

I am seeking your advice on what I should do in the next 5 months before the exam. I have already read through the curriculum once. I know I am in advance. I am also aware that I have A LOT of time left to review and study. I was wondering how I should go about studying for the remaining time before the exam. I do not have Schweser, and to be honest, after reading through the curriculum I am not sure if it would be useful at all. However, I am planning on getting Qbank as I saw many good comments about it. I have not done any sample exam yet, but I am planning to do one in the following weeks to gauge where I am at in terms of the knowledge required for the exam. Do you guys have any advice for someone in my position? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Happy New Year !

review. practice problems. repeat

Make AI proud!!!

Practice man, practice. We’re talking about practice.

Allen Iverson?

In my opinion you are in an interesting predicament. Though starting is great; I think you may have started too early. In 5 months you can forget alot unless you keep on reading and reading (by the time you get to the exam you will be sick of the level 1 material).

Nevertheless, I would not suggest you start on the practise exams now, because there are only so many you can go through between schewster and CFAI. I would suggest buying Schewser or going through everything you have highligted and CFAI summarys at the end of each chapter.

Mid march to April I would go through the end of chapter questions, then devote the last month to practise exams. Again, I wouldnt start the practice exams so early, because once you take the exam once, you really cant retake it because you would have remembered most of the answers.

Yeah, I really started early, but my initial plan was to go through the curriculum and then look at schweser, but I gave up on reading Schweser. I am reviewing topics which gave me a harder time and practicing problem. I noticed I still have a lot of time, especially that going through the material for a second time goes much much faster. Anyway I’ll keep up at it until the exam to maximize my chance of passing. Thanks for your advices guys.

Not sure if you’re smoking all the good stuff. Respect the exam and start as early as possible. If you wrap up early, lather, rinse, and repeat. It sounds like you want the OP to fail to increase your chances of passing? Hah.