Next 6 months - What would you do?

All - I resigned and its my last day on Jan 2…planning to travel Jan Feb and then hit CFA books and Schweser in March until Jun and look for a job at the same time. From those who have done L3 before, would March-May be enough to crack it…I will be at home and not devoting all time to CFA and looking for a job. Looking for a job will not be the overiding factor though until after the exam. I am from London. Should I take March off to travel too - I think Apr, May is not really enough for L3. Thoughts appreciated…

Joker… you say you will NOT? be devoting all time to CFA and looking for a job? That’s kind of tough to gauge then. I think the 250 - 300 hour rule should be your guide. Leave yourself enough time to get in at least 250 hours and you should be fine. You’ll have to decide for yourself if that’s two or three months.

I would start now. There is lots of detailed material to cover.

Just started reading myself, but other people have told me the material isn’t difficult but it takes time to soak in. I would read a few pages each day while you travel and get crackin hardcore in March.

no offense intended… but you resigned with no new job in this job market? i’ve done that before, but not in such a bad job market

Joker, you shoudl not do that. I do have experience writing L3, and your plan does not sound reasonable to me at all. It all depends on your priorities, and how brilliant you are… but generaly speaking what you’ve outlined would not work; 2 months is not enough, even if you woud not be looking for a job… jsut concentrate and pass it with no regrets. Or, else you WILL be a Joker… :wink: