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If you pass level 3, but don’t have the required work experience, should you apply for affiliate membership right away? On the one hand, I don’t want to waste $425 of CFAI and NYSSA fees. But if you’re not registered for an exam and you’re not a member, can you still call yourself a “candidate”? If not what do you put on your resume? And is there some sort of timeframe in which you have to apply for membership or risk having to pay some kind of reinstatement fee? All I can find on the website are reasons why I should send them my money. Thanks (This is my first post but I’ve been reading for a while. Thanks to the regular members- I totally revamped my work descriptions based on your stories)

Another Hokie on AF?

Whoa. Young guy. I graduated in 99.

All three of my roommates played on the team. One was my cousin. In fact he caught a couple of passes from Vick in the National Championship. I wasn’t in Pamplin. I actually started out as a Bio major and then swichted to Exercise Science/Kinesiology. Ending up with the CFA is too long of a story to tell. This year should be good, but losing Evans hurts.

Shoot me an email at mwvt99 at g mail dot com. I like to stay in touch with alumni and I don’t know many soon to be CFAs (ethics violation).