NFL Cheerleaders - scam???


So who’s going to be the fat girl that becomes the Jackie Robinson of NFL Cheerleading?

^ Interesting. I thought the Jackie Robinson of NFL cheerleading would be a tranny.


Looks like the author didn’t pass L1 of the CFA. The laws of suppy and demand states that, when there is an excessive supply of willing participants for a specific position, it is rational to believe that position will not pay well. This is a ‘pay your dues’ job just like the MLB players in the minor league, the young IB analyst making $80k a year averaging to $7/hr, the dime from Kansas City that moved to Hollywood to be an extra in a movie, the skanky co-ed who went to BRCC (NWFW) to try and become the next Jenna Jameson, and so forth.

Why would the league pay an excessive $$$ when there is a surplus commodity of pretty faces and flat stomaches to select from?

Just wait for a union to start…

Allowing them to watch the home games for free from the sidelines is enough of a pay.