NFL Draft

Anyone planning to watch the draft? I’m really hoping Tennessee trades the #2 pick to St. Louis for the #10 pick, Nick Foles, and the 2nd round pick St. Louis got from Philly in the Bradford deal and then uses the #2 pick to take Mariota. Hoping my G-Men go O line at #9.

For sure. Me and some buddies go to the same place every year.

Chiefs have 10 picks (had 11 but traded one away) so it’s going to be a busy next few days. With the #18 pick, I’m also hoping for OL. WR is an obvious need too, but I’m a firm believer in getting better in the trenches and working out from there.

I really hope the Raiders take a kicker in the first round again. Dorks.

^That first-round kicker is probably the best draft pick they’ve taken since Howie Long.

(I was about to say Bo Jackson, but he was actually drafted by the Buccaneers.)

edit - Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, and Charles Woodson might all disagree.

Pretty uneventful 1st round. Was really surprised to see 2 RB’s go in the top 15 though.

Why would you waste your 1st round pick on a RB in 2015?

Loving my Giants moving in the right direction and the Jets DL just became down right scary. Brady shat in his pants last night.

^ Agree. I was very happy to see the Giants go O-line. I just hope moving the kid to guard will help mitigate some of his problems with pass protection. He’s supposed to be a beast in run blocking.

Those two particular RB’s were probably not wastes. Specially Gordon.

I’m conflicted. We drafted a CB that is supposed to be the best in the draft. Only problem…he got kicked out of school for being an asshat (among a long list of other infractions).

I have to believe Reid and Dorsey did their due diligence and have no doubt this kid has matured. If not, this is going to be a mess.

And he’s Snoop Dogg’s nephew so that’s…something.

^ I don’t know how the decision making is handled in KC, but I was surprised to see them go CB, regardless of how good he is. While he was in Philly, Reid rarely drafted anyone except linemen with his first pick. Most of those exceptions worked out pretty well though.