Today was a great day for my short positions. Now, if all those gold call options I bought relatively recently can just reverse I won’t be my own personal Kweku after all. P.S. LNKD is next.

Netflix is a huge sh*tbox of a company and an even bigger short. They are done. They say they are a streaming company but then say losing Starz isn’t a big deal. LMAO OK Netflix. They think they have pricing power but in reality they have none. They don’t “own” any of their content. Their content will simply go to the highest bidder. Nothing they own is proprietary either. You get the content and you can easily buld the infrstructure to deliver it. Hulu has better streaming capabilities than Netflix. Watch Blockbuster come back from bankruptcy and bury them.

Ok, now it might be time to short LNKD.

Jesus, I’ve been wrong about this one so far. But yeah. 18 billion dollars. Good god.

People pay to use LNKD. I’ve been providing them with free cash flow. Don’t think it’s a bad business model at all.

What do you need gold to get up to and by when?

I’m curious too. What more are you getting?

Well, gold doesn’t have any value nowadays

Weaksauce trolling.

^^Alright then, don’t cry when you lose your shirts.

I would love to hear your rationale.

I will elaborate later, but for now suffice to say that when I was a kid a doller could get you ten dollers. Nowadays, a doller can’t even get you fifty cents.

The recession has decreased the value of value itself frown

You just summarized the bull case for gold.

Right, so the US reserves gets more gold and taxpayers are left with the bill. People are tired of paying for Obama’s golden hordes.

I don’t doubt that commodity prices will increase with inflation. The question is, will gold beat other sorts of investments (i.e. stocks) in the long run? This is not implausible, but it’s less straightforward to argue.

Sweep, should have listened to my advice.

Blake, I think I understand why you washed out of investing.

I declare victory, give me your dollers.

I’ve never been a true gold bug - i personally dont subscribe to PMs as a hedge on inflation but thats just me. Having said this, the drop recently may be a good buying opp, my question is using an etf as opposed to the real asset as a means to gain exposure. I’m a little concerned with paper PMs. Can anyone more familiar provide some insight to my skepticism?