NFT - Non Fungible Token

Digital asset verified by blockchain as authenthic selling for milloins. Lol. The whole premise is it has a supply of 1 with millions of dollars being printed by the fed and a lot of demand from its fans. just when you thought ppl cant get more stupid.

supreme nerdy yeezy coin. who wants to buy for 1m?

No different than real art. Think about it…

What is a painting? “A painting… is a bunch of paper or canvas, with some paint, and a f***ing massive margin on top.” … “the more renowned you are as a painter, the larger the margin is, … in the digital world it’s identical.” -Raoul Pal, Real Vision Yield Curve Control, Non-Fungible Tokens, And a Wobbling Equity Market, 3/12/21.

agreed. but i dont understand the value of art either. granted its had a comparable performance to stocks though. with that said, how would you like to buy by supreme yeezy nft digital art. its super limited edition. 1m only

Haven’t seen an NFT I value personally yet. When I do, I’ll buy it.

I suggest going to a fine art show, meeting and talking to the painters while you are around other investors and people bidding up prices… After a few cocktails, you’ll start to find some value in there. :slight_smile: