Did you see that Pens game last night. Total domination. Pulling for the Wings tonight. I am hoping for the same matchup as last year.

Thanks man! I couldn’t believe that beatdown in a game 7. Then again the last time the WIngs were in a game 7 (02 I think), we stomped the Avs like 7-0. Roy’s last game of his career…loved that! So nervous about tonight…another matcup of last year would be epic!



I hope you didn’t have a heart attack, ng.

hooooooooly crap. i can breathe now! wow that was a close game and series! haven’t gotten much studying done tonight, that’s for sure! well, one series closer to a rematch!

glad that crosby wins… he represent the “good guys”, and Overchicken represented the 'bad guys but played so well - what a series !!