Nice colleague: strange situation (please do not use citations)

A while ago one individual has joined our team. Just to leave a few months later for a better place.
We had a chat here and there, but nothing close even on a collegial scale. Then one internal situation we all were worried about showed signs of unfolding in a manner risky to many jobs including mine. In fact, a long-term colleague has warned me but in a very careful way. The nice colleague has painted me another picture from the position of trust he is in. And, honestly, when you realise the risk is so close, whom do you choose to believe, we obviously believe bad news, right. So I went to confront my boss about the situation, that went well but could have been avoided I think.
It looks like we have some time on our hands, and noone can read the future.
Then the nice guy decides to leave and after a while, approaches me with an offer to keep in touch. A bit later he pushes me to consider joining the new firm. I told him that I am not sure and it is true, I would not like to jump ship, he can share the job description. He receives my private details and - you get it - there is a promise of a promise of a promise. I reconsider and politely refuse the help. My decision has nothing to do with anyone but myself, I prefer people whom I know a bit better. Here I should probably mention, that the nice colleague tells me that the risk I was worried about is unlikely to materialise soon, so basically my boss was honest and just with me all the way, and the unnecessary “confidential” details from the nice colleague have done me no good.

A few days ago my colleagues tell me that someone is spreading some rumors on me having some controversial content on my social network accounts. Absolute nonsense,with no proof, but the sheer fact of someone confronting my views and spying on me is extremely unpleasant. Maybe I am paranoid to connect 1 and 1 but that nice colleague shares some pretty extreme mainstream views on a number of issues, and I once told him that the media should at least report another point of view. Maybe he has interpreted it as me being on the opposite side?
The aftertaste is just disgusting. Like someone is claiming to control you.
And be your “friend” against your will.
I honestly cannot imagine why my other colleagues who have families and obligations would be spending time online))) spying on me who is yet to find to be me))). I am not sure if doing anything is worst than doing nothing, what would you undertake?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Could you rephrase this please?

Europeans are fashists!!!

There’s no such thing as coincidence. “Nice” colleagues are the same as everyone else and only have their own best interest in mind.

Until proven otherwise, of course. Over the past decade, I’ve developed good relationships built on mutual respect and trust with … 6 coworkers. Out of a total of about 250.