Nice graph?

Hey all, what’s the name of this graph (see attachment) which rates a company based on 6 factors and you can see all ratings in the following scheme?
Also, is it available in Excel?

It’s called a radar chart and it’s in Excel.

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Radar charts look cool and make sense in principle, but they rarely display the information as concisely as a good old-fashioned bar chart in reality. Especially for 5 or more dimensions of information (factors, as you say). If the brain has to work harder to fully take the information in, then the chart is not doing its job. And busy radar charts are an assault on your optical nerve.

Furthermore, if you wanted to replicate this and have it be on, say, an actionable dashboard, you might consider condensing all of this information to a single number per company. I don’t know what the factors are, but suppose you could rank the factors and then take an average or weighted average of the ranks (if you wanted to get fancy and assign different importance to each factor). Then, your single average number is boldly displayed next to the broken-out bar chart. One can then rank the final averages, from best to worst or whatever, yet still see the detail of what went into that final number.

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