Nice Piece About the Program in The Economist today

This is good publicity.

Thanks for the link. The headline completely captures the experience.

damn straight

“They will sit one of the three exams required to earn the coveted status of chartered financial analyst (CFA).” :P. I’ve been studying ethics too much…

They’ve also been buying ads in the print edition that talk about the rigor and tenacity required to become a charterholder. Pretty cool…

“Mind you, faced with questions such as “What are the desirable statistical properties of an estimator?”, they can hardly be blamed for that.” Little quiz: What are the answers to that question?

consistent, biased, efficient

^^ consistent, unbiased, efficient

What do they mean? :wink:

you should know :slight_smile:

“One of those candidates will become the millionth person to take the test. That is phenomenal growth for a qualification that, as recently as 1995, was taken by fewer than 20,000 people a year.” If I didn’t know better, I would swear we’re in a bubble! The growth rate implied in these figures would put a barrel of oil at about $1250 now, which in 1995 was about $25!!!

I like the wedding bit…hit home with me. Willy

I like the wedding bit…hit home with me. Willy