Nicknames for significant others!

So my fiancé sometimes calls me papi which is another word for dad. I asked her why and she said it a term of endearment for a romantic partner. I told her that sounds kind of oedipus complexi. So I told her to call me step bro instead and she said now that was weird. So we made a bet and called bitcoin to see which word he preferred. Bitcoin prefers papi. What a cuck. Anyways what do you call your significant other? Let’s discussted!

My wife’s first name is kinda long, so I just use the first syllable. Terms like babe, daddy, etc., weird me out. I dumped a chick once because she called me “Daddy” when we were making out.

Yeah, daddy and papi are weird as phuck. I’d be so weirded out if I had a gf who called me that.

I call my wife my little blumpkin.

in bed do you call them dirty names. like you dirty lil ■■■■. etc etc

Like you dirty little blumpkin sometimes if we’re caught up in the heat of the moment.

Yeah, dirty talk is great. We like to really bring it to the next level, like “Yeah, you like that, idiot! You suck, loser!”