For the past 2 nights, have been having nightmares every night since the paper

I woke up knowing the answers to questions I can’t answer in the exam… creepy

Anybody still having hangovers?

Sounds familar. I haf insomnia the night before & after the exam. Started recalling questions and found out my mistakes. Suffering from severe confirming evidence bias.

I am watching lots of tennis and cricket to get over all this. Thanks to the French open and to the Champions trophy warm ups to get over all this :slight_smile:

Lucky you… Soccer’s season over. So bored!

i had insomnia too… Too much coffee!

I am having severe side effect after 3 straight years of Cfa… Gosh…

If I can suggest something, running actually helps a lot mate. I used to be crazy smoking around 20 cigs last year… Started running after my CFA exams and I havent touched one for ages now… It helps kill boredom and can help reduce your caffine intake too… Good luck with your results and more importantly your health too!

i didn’t sleep for 5 seconds the night before. It was futile.

Thanks mate! smiley

I will try running soon…

I don’t hope for much, was brutally murdered by the AM paper.

Of all the 3 Lvls, this was the worst I felt…

Same here, felt worst on this exam compared to my level 1 and 2 :slight_smile: There is one above all of us who would decide who should sit again next year - he/she is called the CFAI wink

When will results be out approximately?

You might just happen to cross over to another universe - as Dr.Walter Bishop quoted,‘de javu is just a glimpse into another universe based on your otherwise decision made earlier’.

but the glimpse didnt revel my marks! lolxx

Do you guys think it’s a violation to discuss the AM exam with other candidates in the test center, while waiting for the PM exam to start?

Yes it is. And several people were doing it in my test center, unfortunately.

Does getting a Charter really change alot, compare to w/o?