Nikkei down 11% now

and going

Maybe we should just make a new topic called “Nikkei Updates”…

Free falling…I am free fallling. I hear the gravity calling…

We could title it “Oh Nikkei what a pitty you don’t understand” That’d be great.

DJIA INDEX 8,449.00 -149.00 S&P 500 894.00 -18.50 NASDAQ 100 1,255.75 -16.25


This is way worse than Asian contagion in 1997. That was nothing.

More like 1929 part deux.

Dow futures down 2.8%. S&P futures down over 4%.

Great. I hate this.

We better hope that the international lender of last resort emerges soon.

This is insane. I am moving to cash and I’m not trying to. I was 55% equities (sprs, S&P mid cap and small cap etfs) 45% cash. Just because these values have plummeted so much the percentages have reversed. I made a major move into the mid cap and small cap ETFs right when the bailout failed at first thinking the market might go down maybe another 10%. Thats what I get for trying to catch a falling knife.

DJIA INDEX 8,383.00 -215.00

All I know is that Amanda Drury looks good.

Its picking up . . . 7% now

U guys don’t sleep?

Did you not see my above post?