No answer for the Mock Exam

This is suck, I love to see the answers because that helps me make the ajustements but those Mock Exam questions do not provide any answer. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK !!!

What? How can it be? They say at the end, after you finish the whole thing…

They only give you the overall feedback. They are suck. I need my money back

you can write a mail or call CFA stuff, they will show you where to get the answer PDF file.

Tibwa - Look at the main screen which gives you naswers. There is one line where they say “Click HERE to recieve printable summary”. Hopefully you took down what answers you had written to cross-reference… I just completed one and got a 59%…not too good for my confidence… :frowning: MAcro calc totally threw me…although I thought I knew that quite well.

i was able to donwload pdf file of the answer key.