No bathe Paleo

It would be great if I could paste quotes.

“Protect your skin with the healthy bacteria it needs”

Anyway, the manufacturer of this product intends to replace soap bathing with a spray of natural “probiotic” bacteria that will decompose ammonia and other waste substances excreted through your skin. The founder got this idea from horses, who roll in the dirt to coat themselves with such bacteria. He has not bathed in 12 years. There is a profile on this guy somewhere on the internet.

Sounds legit, but not sure how this would fit in with my bidet usage.

Paleo man coexisted with cholera. Maybe that should be part of our diet too??

chrome is your friend

I mean that’s what all the rappers use too.

This must be really bugging you. You must have mentioned this 10 times now.

After a bit of Googling, I recently activated compatibility view for AF and am once again able to paste here. Messes up a few other minor things, but worth it in my opinion.

It has greatly reduced the amount of fantastic content that ohai adds to the Water Cooler, so it should really bother everyone.

I lived in a community for almost a year where we only showered once a week. It was cool in the winter, but shoveling steaming piles of crap necessitated the use of a shower in the summer. Lets be real.

^you were in a cult?

haha no it was an extension of my church (small community) outside the US

^Sounds like a cult to me.

What, exactly, do you mean by “cult”?

sounds like an interesting situation

One of the most interesting things was to take a Poustinia (Russian: пустынь), where you sit in a log cabin like those above for 24 hours to pray and fast with complete silence from the world. You tend the fire and spend time in contemplation. It is quite different from the heavy electronics of modern society.


I just realized Analti_ca… is the guy from the game “Rinse and Repeat”.

If you don’t know what this is, don’t Google it. Not at work, and also in general.