no bathroom breaks?

So i got an email a few days ago saying (paraphrase) “once seated for the exam you will not leave your seat until time is called for the session”

does this mean we cant leave to go to the bathroom? On the same note what about bringing aspirin into the exam room? Water? Coffee?(please God)

You cant bring anything, Drink the aspirin before you enter the exam. On the other hand I read somewhere that you can take a bathroom break if its a life or death situation but im not sure.

Hold it, you want to have all 3 hours lol.

I’m wearing an adult diaper to the exam just to be safe…

You can definitely go to the bathroom during the exam. Raise your hand, a proctor come to your desk, tell them you need to go, then you go.

Someone may follow you into the bathroom though, to check if you are cheating

As someone said, you can leave and be led out by the proctors but you will get less time to finish your exam (remember the average time is if I’m not mistaken 1.5 minutes per question if it hasn’t changed lately). If you finish after around 2.5 hours you may leave then, but during the final half hour nobody is allowed to leave. Plan accordingly… Someone will follow you to the loo I think, and stand right outside the door, and you can’t access handbags or anything like that.

in toronto for example, the exams are in big exhibition halls which have toilets inside a room built into the back of the exam room, so you don’t leave the exam room, and a proctor is paid to sit in the corridor by the stalls

Due to the possibility of spills, that may cause damage to exam books and candidates’ exam sheets, candidates are not permitted to have water bottles next to them. However, water stations are provided in the testing rooms at convention halls and drinking fountains are accessible at universities and schools where the CFA Exam takes place

As for the aspirin:

from cfai’s website

The following items are permitted in the testing room but must remain in your pockets or under your chair when not in use:

  • Medicine, tissues, and other necessary medical or personal items
  • (other items in list)

1 hour shouldn’t be that big of a deal… how do you hold it on road trips? Maybe take it easy on the coffee that morning.

I just read the following in the you must not section: “…leave the testing room during the final 30 minutes of the exams except for brief toilet breaks;”

So even in the final 30 minutes you could have a (brief!) bathroom break :wink: