No clue about level 1

Dear all,

I have just registered for CFA level 1 exam - June 2015, I have no idea how to prepare. I do not have a Finance degree is in business management. The material I have is the CFA books sent by CFA institute. Please guide, I specifically want to know: :

  • if CFA Toronto chapter has any classes?
  • is there any online program, which has videos and we can contact the instructor with any questions.
  • Good strategy to study.


If you put in the required time, you will be able to accomplish this without assistance.

Start with book 1, and move forward until you have finished the material.

Tips that helped me:

  1. Save ethics for last (or at least reveiw/reread it very close to exam day).

  2. Do not worry about memorizing all of the formulas, etc the first time through, just worry about understanding all of the concepts

  3. Leave ample time in the last month to dedicate to practice questions and mocks.

it’s like middle school in here.

you start by reading the material. It’s written in plain english. you don’t need any type of finance or math background at all, which should also be apparent once you start reading.

Hey Preety

I would review information on the CFAI website, first. The Institute provides a study calendar, which I found useful. Also, CFAI should indicate whether or not Toronot has a local charter to assist. I would be surprised if it doesn’t. If you’re looking for more assistance, a number of resources give you much more hands-on direction and assistance. If you just Google it, a number of items will appear for you.