No Email for me yet.....why?

I have not received an email and when I login and view my memberships it says my member type for CFAI is “Regular” with status pending and the local is “Affiliate” with status pending. Whats the deal? Is there something else I am supposed to do? Since I got to Regular with CFAI, I assume that means my work exp has been accepted?

it might take them days more to update the system,especially when they are doing this in a massive way. Did you just get upgraded to regular member status? But if you have been a regular member for a while, you should be updated on Sep 2nd.This looks a little weird! Did you also check the member directory?

Yea, I can’t find my name in the member directory either. I was approved for regular status only about two weeks ago, so that may have something to do with it? Maybe the local society has to approve me before I can be official? I sent a message to CFAI to try and get to the bottom of it.

Did you send your big, fat, juicy check to become a member? It sounds like your membership application was approved but you haven’t officially joined. Also, your local society has to have you as a “regular” member, too, not an affiliate.

Both CFAI and local society have approved my regular membership and I have paid. I find my name in the member directory with CFA designation behind. My question is: Will CFAI send an email officially confirm I am a charterholder ? and how long it will take. Does anyone have such experience?? Hi MT327, The search engine of member directory is not very intelligent. It is difficult to search by a person’s name, it is easier to search by company name. I could locate my name only using my company name, and it is case sensitive.

no email for me yet, I’ve been a member of both the institute and local society for at least a year…grrrr, just called them they are checking into it…frustrating…

If you have CFA by your name in the directory then you can use the designation, email or no. T his was confirmed with the CFAI last year.

I just received the email confirming my charterholder status. That is two days after I paid the membership fee.

I paid today, all fine apart from no email and no entry in the directory.

My name appears in the directory with CFA designation immediately after I paid all fee. Looks like an automatic process. But you have to make sure you have paid 3 kind of fee 1) CFAI annual fee, 2) local society annual fee, 3) Local society one time joining fee.