No Errata of BSAS mock

Apologize if this has been asked. No errata of BSAS mok exam. Right?

Released tomorrow I believe.

How was this test? I’m looking for quality exams - took BSAS last year (I’m a retaker) and it was complete crap last year. Was it better this year?

I was not impressed

IMO, it’s better than last year. Its AM questions look similar to 2011 AM in style – testing small pieces here and there, so the “coverage” is high. PM is average, just like other samples or mocks.

Damn. I’m trying to find an excuse to not take Schweser exams. Guess I’m screwed. I’ve done all blue box questions and am very aware of the difference between BB and Schweser. Such a quagmire.

Some new questions can keep the sword sharp. I’ll take Schweser mock tomorrow afternoon…PM only, I’ll bank some energy for D-Day. No time to practice 2 volumes of Schweser exams.

since u brought up the BSAS, i had a question about the attribution question. in the morning part, they asked for ‘market allocation’ The answer key described this as the sum of managers over/underweight portfolio times the difference between the country’s return and the benchmark portfolio return. i thought ‘market allocation’ to be the sum of the difference in weights (portfolio - benchmark) times the return for that market. thank you.

This is a multiperiod question, and its Market Alloc is similar to what is in micro attribution. MA=(wjp-wjb)*(Bj-B). Schweser refers to CFAI book on this.

Errata of BSAS mock is released for all levels, but none is for L3.

first-time on level 3…first time buyer of BSAS…

extremely low ratio quality/price

just one example (the time for the morning session did not sum the 180 minutes)… I could go on with some explanations they gave that I am almost certain are ambiguous, to say the least (waiting for errata)

can’t believe that a +100usd exam does not provide you with timely answers in a sort of customized approach

never again.

by the way, I scored good but even though not representative…I would not use it as a benchmark :slight_smile: