No exam in NYC

No exam in NYC. NO WORDS MORE.

One of my NYC candidates told me a few weeks ago that he was looking elsewhere to sit for the exam, just in case.

Being ahead of the curve can be a good thing.

Well, if he didnt change his test center before the announcement today, it’s too late. Anyone in the 37 cities they announced cannot change test centers at this point. I wonder what this will do to the curve that the exam is graded on.

Surely without NYC, India and Toronto based candidates, it will be much easier to pass with relatively weaker competition in the candidate pool.

Will CFAI already let me pass Level III and end this torture or not? But seriously, why they allow people to gatherings for elections’ related arrangements, but for examinations with social distancing and strict policies they don’t?

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Did a test center change to Hartford, CT by the test center change deadline… So facing this new curve. No nyc, Toronto and India, but ironically China is still in the mix. Hopefully that’s not unfavorable to the curve…

Obviously I’m a bit biased because I live here but you’re telling me that there aren’t literal casinos worth of empty convention centers in Las Vegas that they’re ACHING to book? I’d imagine a LOT of happy Arizona and California candidates, not to mention other east coast locations. CFAI could probably save a bunch of money, I’m sure plenty of candidates could find something interesting to occupy their time with out here after the exam. May even bring a sense of normalcy to an already, for lack of a better phrase, ■■■■■■ 2020.