No formal education in finance; what do I need to understand the CFA curriculum?

Hi, guys! So glad I found this forum.

I have no formal education in finance but I’m passionate about fundamental analysis and portfolio management. I have mainly learned to read financial statements as a novice via articles and books.

My purpose is to get more in-depth knowledge about corporate finance in hopes that this will help me become a better analyst and make it easier for me to wisely interpret advice often shared by investors in books and online.

I don’t care about getting a CFA certification (I’m not eligible anyway), but I got extremely interested in buying and going through all of the CFA curriculum of 2022 as it seems that I will have a somewhat more formal education to better analyze statements and manage my portfolio.

Now, I guess I have more than one question.

  • Would you recommend I study something else first as the CFA material is quite dry and difficult to study?

  • Do you think that I should pick only a few parts of the CFA curriculum to study because most will be not relevant to what I aspire to do? If so, could you name them?

  • Do you think that I could get the same depth of understanding of corporate finance and portfolio management from another source? Can you recommend some?

In my opinion, after scanning the subject matters of CFA, it seems that this material is the closest thing to formal education for someone like me. But I could be wrong and I am open to other recommendations.