No hope at all ?

Jokes apart, how many feel 100 % convinced of not making it this time ?

How many did you guys " guess " out of 120 ( both AM and PM) ?

How many out of 120 are you sure you got right ?

Was lieing low all summer. Unable to sleep or focus on work because of this tension.

Over 500 + hours and countless sacifices at stake. I would be so glad of all those pains, just to see " PASS" next Tuesday, I don’t care if I just make it.

But with one week left now, I am 100 % sure only divine intervention will help me sail through.

relax. breathe. and just chill for another week!

Zero hope here (OK, maybe 10% hope).

Planning for an October wedding, and moved into our new condo one week before the exam. Did NOT study as much as I should have even considering all of that.

Gimme questions that should have been an easy layup, could not arrive at one of the three options given.

I think I may have flat out guessed on 20.

An educated guess maybe on another 30.

Others I could arrive at one of the answers given, but felt sure I was missing something.

Can’t wait for the future in-laws to ask how I did.

Always next year. Things could be MUCH worse than failing L2, or maybe I just don’t have the energy to give a crap…until the 24th.