No insurance on the phone please.

So on sunday i bought a new phone the samsung edge through verizon since it was at a discount of over $400. In any case, the guy asked if i wanted insurance with it?

I told him, nope no insurance for me. I like danger.

he cracked up. and replied, well you’re living by the edge there. The samsung edge.

Anyways just wanted to share a pretty hilarious order.

I don’t see how phone insurance is worth the money, since you will buy many phones over your lifetime. So, you have multiple periods to average out the expected cost and benefit. This unlike say, a house, where you have only a couple of periods at most (if one house is destroyed by a tornado, it is a significant portion of your lifetime housing expenditure).

Insurance is a good deal if you want to report the phone stolen and then resell it in certain South American countries shortly thereafter.

It’s a great deal if you’re like my wife and lose stuff everyday.

insurance makes sense with the new phone plans. if you are leasing a phone you have to return it back to the carrier when your lease is up in perfect conditions (no screen cracks, missing buttons, etc).

if the phone is in bad shape you have to replace the phone at full price. also if you lose the phone you will have to do the same at full price.

you cant just buy another phone and turn it in. thats why leasing is the dumbest thing you can do - but the phone plan prices are actually lower now than the were when phones were subsidized.

On the topic of phones, anyone have the Google Pixel?

So you can effectively lease a phone, pay say… $750-800 over the course of the lease for it and then be on the hook for the entire thing anyway? Lmao.

With the prices of new cell phones these days, if your loved one has a pattern of breaking phones it’s a great idea and worth it. Not worth it for people who take care of their electronics.

my sister lost her phone 4 times. they actually told her she was banned from insurance. lol

me and a friend brought some chicks back to his pad not too long ago. one of the chicks stole his phone and bud.

he flipped for a good minute but then wasnt that upset cuz his phone was insured.

personally though, i dont care. worst case i use an older smart phone. i keep 1 for back up.

Casino Dealer: 17

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My IT guy has one, I’ve played with a bit and it looks awesome. Kind of makes me wish I hadn’t got my Moto X in Q1.

I heard that Google Pixel’s AI is supposed to eventually replace personal relationships and the warm touch of a human.

I once had a flat mate who constantly lost everything. he lost at least 1 out of his wallet, phone, keys or jacket every time he went out drinking.

Virtually every day he’d frantically run around the flat looking for something on his way out the door, inevitably late for something or other. After awhile it came out that he didn’t have a spot in the flat where he left his wallet, keys, phone etc. He just left them wherever he was and found the advice of having a spot where you put that kind of stuff to be ingenious. It’s funny the things that need to be pointed out to people.