No LIFO/FIFO stuff?

checked here but didn’t see anything: Is that part o the LOS’s?

… my mind is playing games on me…I keep thinking that LIFO/FIFO, Leases, capitalizing/expensing, DTA, and DTL are part of this exam, but can’t seem to find them in the CFAI books. Are these L1 stuff? Or were they in 2009, but not in 200?

It is under currency translation using the temporal method. Is that what you’re referring to?

no 'm talking about the whole concepts, calculations and all!

i think there was an LOS last year that specifically referenced inventory accounting differences in currency translations - but I believe they removed it. please correct me if i’m wrong, since i don’t have my FSA book in front of me.

LIFO/FIFO DTL/DTA were all tested in L1. I believe I’ve seen references to LIFO/FIFO in the currency translation portion as bpdulog point out. So I don’t think those concepts will be tested. Hurray!