No more friends needed..thank you!

Found some great people, can’t handle more:p

Thanks all!

Sketchy post is sketchy…


Cuz I’m in a sketchy mood but a very ligitimate person/request… and actually a long time member using a brand new login cause I can’t remember my old one or it was tied to an old domain email that I since deleted.

And I also like dogs, have 2, who don’t think I’m sketchy :stuck_out_tongue: Appreciate the comment though. Guess if I could find an L2 in Atlanta we would have drinks now and then to vent/relax…trade war stories.

Or I would settle for email or FaceTime too with a personable person. But I don’t always have a goodhair day for FaceTime however, not bad lately.

My perference would be a retaker or a very positive motivating person to ease the pain where I can shed wisdom on this madness if asked.

sketchy and picky!

Sketchy [I think it’s more funny like I’m putting out a personal ad], very picky [Yes] and for flavor am very familiar with the SOA and actuaries. I happen to own a FSA, who does my laundry. Can I now get some support here??? gggzz

Sir, you’re panicking. I suggest laying off the amphetamines.

that is a funny scenario.

the only way a FSA his doing your laundry is that you are that FSA.

since you are _ 328 hours deep into CFA L2 _, i know this is not a possible outcome.

then your are sketchy, picky and a liar.

funny story

Sorry you feel that way evolsteevol …your many assumptions are unfortunately wrong. Too sick of it to panic now…maybe in last 2 weeks…just looking for L2 company in a smaller circle of friends. Used to have one but he quit the CFA exams.

Maybe I should leave an email address and someone interested and meeting the above can email:)



EDITED: Thanks folks, found great company on AF! 5/6/2012

It is a funny scenario summerside182…

Q: The FSA/Exec does my laundry b/c I ___?___

A. I own him

B. He is Married to me

C. All the above

Guess which? :wink: Very funny but never a liar. …think I’m making friends now…lol Email me, I like actuaries. Got tons of jokes.

my initial assumption that you were a guy was wrong.

i’ll put that into the acturial loss/gain because of change in assumption. your funded status just dropped.

One of our friends was a pesion actuary off all things…drove me nutzz, such a huge advantage… you guys screw up the cruve…

If my funded status just dropped, I’m reductng your annual bonus for forecast errors…lol


Do you have Bloomberg access at work? Please see my thread below regarding creating a constant IB chat for the final month of preparation. I’m quite shocked I couldn’t gather a single interested person…

Unfortunately I don’t have Bloomberg anymore since going fee-only doing private wealth consulting work.

That is too bad nobody wanted in, it may be that people with Bloomberg can’t chat at work b/c they have to work at work and do the CFA stuff after work at home or somewhere… most people don’t have one right on their desk, they have to go to some shared desk. Also the last month, people to to cram and work the fuzz out of your own brain with some alone time I think.

Putting on my Big CFA Hat: it tells me the real reason is b/c if management lets their employees used Bloomberg to chat for CFA crap, the firm will have to prorate out the time used on Bloomberg not dedicated to the direct benefits of clients, where soft dollars was used to get the terminal, which would cause them ohhh sooo much paperwork and lost soft dollars…lol And that, my dear friend, is really is why you got nobody on BB chat;-)

I can gmail chat u sometimes… will send invite to your gmail address if interested… gets lonely at my desk day and night looking at my reflection, not natural for me-normally out and about…thank goodness for the 4005 iTunes songs and uTorrent…but such is the life…27 days to go.