No more MM mocks

MM has stopped selling mocks separately and it’s included only in subscription package and all the mocks will be written by MM himself from this year onwards. Now no more mocks will be written by S2000 magician. Very sad news

Did s2000 have a dispute with MM? Was there a falling out?

May be MM gets jealous because whenever people talks about MM mocks for this year exam, they give credit to S2K!

Only S2000 magician can answer this question.


Not necessarily.

I’m working with Marc LeFebvre (an old friend) to create materials for the new Level III readings. Once that’s done, if there’s time I plan to write some Level III morning session practice exams.

Watch this space.

I kind of sensed that from your comment about his Ph.D, in another thread.


Truth be told, I have no idea about the topic of his PhD. None.

I simply know that the university from which he claims that PhD does not (as of 2019) offer a PhD in Finance.

All of this prep provider talk makes me want a reality show. Big Brother style.

do you suggest not to use his review materials?

thats because its a PH D in philosophy

No… the word Ph.D. means “A Doctor of Philosophy”

MM is no doctor, and he aint a Philosopher !

D - Doctor

PH - Philosophy

I, for one, am not suggesting anything of the sort.

Lots of candidates are very pleased with his materials.

I ordered his book 4 video, à la carte.

I thought it was okay… I watched it while riding my bike in doors (indoor trainer)… Just something to do. I dont think I gained anything from it but gave a good refresher on equties and FI.

It is weird that he doesn’t put the major on LinkedIn, nor does he put his full experience history. Yet to me that doesn’t necessarily indicate problems with his teaching or materials. What matters is that he knows the materials well which has been proven in the quality of videos…

I am not his biggest fan though, I didn’t like the way he answered to my and others queries on the platform, often provided vague answers (at least to me they were vague, I always felt that his answers were so brief to the point of being vague), so the Q&A feature was not that helpful, I always looked for answers myself. Another thing, if someone asked a simple question, I noticed that his answers tended to be kind of sarcastic, that pissed me off, we are candidates, you are a PhD, we are learning, no need to be sarcastic, not the attitude of a teacher.

The L2 mocks contained errors, and if i inquired about the errors, he’d ignore me. And the blame was all put on magician too, to me, I didn’t care whose fault it was, I just needed to practice well.

YET…I am considering registering with him for L3, and will probably do it, but a bit hesitant, the money is in my credit card waiting for me to make a decision!

But it was good quality video? When you say you didn’t gain anything from it, is it because it was bad, or because you already knew the materials.

Good quality video… I didnt get anything from it because I already know the material. He’s just going over the circiulum and putting it in his own words. You can read it in the text too.

Oh, I also did watch his video on the plane… I do several work trips a year and thought it was a good idea to watch it on an iPad to kill time.

Tbh I thought Mark’s videos were very good. He is disciplined about covering the LOS and he presents in a clear manner.

I also thought he was very brief with his responses to questions, sometimes stating that the matter could not be explained any further, which wasn’t very encouraging.

I enjoyed the grading experience with s2000 and thought the mocks were good.

Overall I would recommend using MM.

haha you learn something every day. Good thing the CFA designation is clear cut. :wink:

I agree - Looking at CFAI code and standards :sunglasses:, if you are using a third party, then it is your responsibility to verify the quality and work done!

But he was like, this was not my mistake, honestly, I couldn’t care less, my question to him was not whose done it!