Appears policies have changed and you can no longer post generalizations about questions and discuss writing CFAi about specific points. CFAi should probably crack down on the after exam bar episodes and lunch as well because numerous people were discussing questions point for point and the number section. If you have a question on how to work something out or a general question about theory feel free to ask.

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You are right. Then let’s just wait for the results and say quiet. Not worth it.

Level 3 candidates are going buckwild over there

Yeah it appears that way. Honestly we have been on this board for 2-3+ years and now it appears as if policies have changed on what you can discuss. Moderators should clean up the forums (especially the last 2 years were each question is posted word for word) and also wallstreetoasis and numerous blog posts. Would help to clean up the requests for previous year mocks as well.

Policies have not changed. You just have to pay more attention to the ethics area and follow the standards. They are not just for cramming to pass 12 questions. Quite honestly, it would be a great thing to pass all three levels first time round. However, very few do, and reason is hardly anyone understands the material well after the first try. I put in my hours using CFAI texts only. However, I feel borderline, and if circumstances require redoing it next year, I think I wouldn’t mind. This stuff is interesting and it definitely is a big help when applying the info in my business life.

Well I still think it is somewhat of a gray area. The standards of exam questions appeared more if you are using word for word. As in the past Q & A has been allowed on this forum (look at level 3) it would have appeared to fall in the category same as talking during lunch or after PM session in bar. Apparently a different direction this year or maybe enforcement for previous leeway. I do agree with you. The reason I study as hard as I do is not to pass the test it is because it helps on a daily basis at work. I think a lot of people still lack that part of the CFA program and are only attempting to pass. Most people don’t deal in FRA, currency SWAPs and *, but reading a sell-side report or watching the talking heads on TV it is nice to know what they are talking about.


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meemee81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Paraguay is doing just great in the World Cup Ah, but wait until they meet New Zealand on the 24th :slight_smile:

Does anyone know why we cant discuss the exam? Am I even allowed to discuss why we cant discuss it?

Sorry mate. I am not allowed to discuss why I am not allowed to discuss why I am not allowed to discuss the exam.

Paraguay is going down to New Zealand

How does discussing questions compromise the integrity of the exam? Shouldn’t more transparency increase the integrity? Sigh.

See no points of your posting. CFA exam questions differ from EMEA to APAC. Don’t know how they calculate a GLOBAL PASSING RATE based on different item sets. Now they prevent you discussing just because they can hardly explain this. SO CAN YOU EXPLAIN?