No more than 5 questions below 50% to pass

Hi Folks,

I noticed in posted results that majority of passers got less than 5 questions below 50% AM+PM. So I think this is very important to pass and any one will get more than 5 most likely to fail.

This discussion would seem more appropriate in May when outcome was still in our own hands. Now it doesn’t really matter since fate has been signed, sealed and almost delivered.

But answeing your questions, people have passed with 7-9 questions below 50% (some with 7 in AM alone / ethics below 50%) so i don’t think that is the criteria.

What really matters though is what your score is in those questions - near to 50% you might still have a chance, below 40% most likely another attempt…


I got 7 questions below 50% and passed. bump nothing has to do with it…

you’re wrong. buddy of mine had 6 < 50’s and passed…

I got 6 below 50% and passed. But having said that I got 11 above 70% and only 2 between 51% and 70%

I got 8 below 50 and passed this year.

though i saw someone posted around 7 below 50% and still passed. It really depends on how close to 50% those fails are and how you did on rest - as in your clase you had 11 above 70% - which will pull your average up. Also remember there are two line items in PM that are double weight (36 points vs 18). If you hit homerun on those, that’ll have bigger impact obviusly.

The range are so large for each category, i would say it is not a good way to figure out pass/fail - just by looking at how many you are below 50%. But i think if you only failed 5, out of total 20 or so line item - very good chance you passed.