No. of Days on TI BA II

Someone posted a way to get the no. of days between two dates on this calculator, anyone remembers it?

2ND, DATE (Date is on ‘1’ key) enter values for DT1 and DT2, scroll to DBD and press CPT dates should be entered D.MMYY (i.e. for 1/10/2001 you enter 1.1001)

Thanks volkovv

Can anybody give me keystrokes for MWR ?

The number of days will be given to you on the exam. They’ve done it in the past. No reason for them to test you on how to count days.

^its done the same way as an IRR Calc but the periods must be EQUAL. So if you have 5 Periods with 2 Cashflows you must do say CF0 = Initial, CF1 = 0, CF2 = 100, CF3 = 0, CF4 = 0, CF5=100 kinda thing. I HIGHLY doubt that you will have to do one.