No one is messaging my online dating profile

This is supposed to be my post-exam reward - exploring girls. There are no girls messaging my dating profile except for one girl who didn’t seem to want to get to know me and wanted to exchange pics but not the ones on my profile.

I studied really hard and I want my post-exam reward.

Should I take CFA studying and calculators off my list of hobbies?

maybe you are on the website. This is not a dating site as far as I am aware of. also there aren’t a lot of girls here.

maybe you should take out your fake profile and make a new one as a dude…

Obviously she jus wants sum chocolate. I get it shortay. Drop me a message and I’ll holla back.

This is funny. I was just on the subway half an hour ago, and the woman sitting next to me was talking to her friend, complaining that this woman she had just helped move out of her apartment didn’t want to sleep with her. Apartment woman turned to her and said “I just don’t want to mess up our great friendship.” The woman on the train then said “I didn’t want to be her friend; I just wanted to sleep with her. Geez”

So I turned to her and said: “Yeah, women can be so difficult, sometimes, can’t they?” She was suppposed to laugh, but she just snarled at me. I could totally understand why her “friend” didn’t want to sleep with her.

Then, her friend on the subway started talking about this guy that she’s been seeing. The friend was asked “so do you like him,” and replied “I don’t know. I just want to get to know him better. We have a lot of the same interests, and I like going out with him.” I’ll just keep seeing him and see what happens.

It was clear how this was likely to end. She “just wasn’t feeling it,” and wanted to get to know him better. Eventually she would decide she likes him and will tell him how much she doesn’t want to mess up their great friendship.

Moral of the story: “Even women find women difficult.” Welcome to what we experience, econgirl. With time, things get better.

What I wrote above was true, and just happened tonight, so I thought your topic was interesting to see when I got home.

If you send me your profile text, I’ll give you my $0.02 on it. (I’m serious and promise to be respectful)

BTW, one of my ex-s a long time back turned out to be bi. She met other women on Craigslist (though not while we were together, as far as I know). However, in the girl-on-girl community, there is a divide between some who insist on a woman being only into women (with the possible exemptions for time spent conforming to hetero standards before coming out), and some who are tolerant of those who are truly bi, so that may be an issue. Many lesbian woman and even some bisexual women really don’t like bi-curiosity - they tend to feel it’s wishy-washy, the way most straight woman don’t like unconfident men.

That guy’s going to get friend-zoned.

B Chad,

I did tell that girl it was my post-exam reward, just thought I’d be honest. I don’t know if I’m lez or bi or straight but I want to find out. I don’t want to do the get with a guy thing a throw in a girl to see how it feels. I actually want to try girls for real one on one in relationships or casual and see if anything feels right.

By the way, I just bought jalapeno cheddar veggie dip and it is making cauliflower feels like sex in my mouth.

You’re either a wack broad or creepy dude looking for attention on the internet, Im surprised you haven’t been successful.

hehe sounds like a fat lonely dude masquerading as a girl…not that there is anything wrong with fat lonely dudes though

Please post pics.

Yeah, wouldn’t be posting about CFA exams on your dating profile, TMI woman, reign it in a notch.

econgirl is a damm guy…look at that stupid pic on the profile…you guys are a bunch of suckas…

Econ Girl, I’m still waiting for you to post a picture of your snapper next to your level 2 CFA books.

Until this is done, Econ Girl is definitely a dude.

Guys - I’m a girl I just went shopping all day, got some pink and brown high heels, dresses, cute tops, high rise jeans, and my fav flannel farm hick shirts.

^ Dude, please … come on. No chick buys multiple dresses these days anymore. If anything they buy one dress at a time for a wedding or something. Your story would have been more credible if you had said you bought a shitton of shoes you’ll probably wear only once every six months.

Now bro, tell us, do you hate LeBron or what?

Face it, econgirl. These guys know everything about women. :wink:

ughhh you’re one creepy dude, econgirl

you’re called “econgirl” and looking for girls ?

Hey so I’m a girl and I did buy two dresses in one day and not for any particular occasion. And pretty much only girls ride horses and I love riding my horse.