No result for me yet!!!!

Hi guys,

While some of you celebrate your passing, some get back to study for revenge in December, I have no idea of what I should do.

I did not receive the result email 2 days ago, and when I logged in my account yesterday, this is what I got

Reserved Access

Your account profile does not permit you to access the page you are trying to reach.

I had to send an email to the Professional Conduct explaining this issue.

Could someone tells me if he/she has the same problem?

did they catch you cheating during the exam?

Sounds like a PCP issue. You shoud call them up.

I had the same issue and I have been informed I got a telegram from CFAI, well I need to collect it tomorrow morning as the post office is closed now…I have never heard of anyone receiving his results this way…and I don’t know what this means…have to wait till tonorrow morning :S

You got a telegram? What century is this?

Ohai , it sounds funny but actually…it is not…

Are you sure you took the exam?


BarneyS and JAGarfield

It is not funny. Both of you are from France…no result? Any other person from France with the same issue? Or gotten the result already?