no sleep

havent slept since 6.30 pm yesterday (now its 12.30 pm today) i will take a few hours of sleep soon and get back to study. Its just frustratingly too much memorization nd I can only make up for my lazyness for the entire past 6 months this way I guess.

Hey Turkish Dude!! I have a song for you which I sing at this stage, but no razors:)) Batsin bu dunya, Bitsin bu ruya… Tra lay lay lom…

easy there you want to make sure you dont get burned out …

turkish when the heck did you start studying…?

2 weeks ago essentially but I already put over 100 hours I can go over 200 in total i guess

hiya, if I start singin that song i will lose the last bits of my chances of passing

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Red Bull gives you wings!