No specific question but......

Maybe its me, but Loyalty is to your employer, so it cant be the trustees, nor the participants. Am I the only one who think that way… Ponpon

loyalty is always to the beneficiaries and participants before the employer. and when it comes to clients, it’s clients before employer.

Loylaty is to all participants of the plan, was how I interpreted it.

i went with beneficiaries

Shit you are right…

beneficiaries, 80% sure :slight_smile:

OK Ok I missed it… lolll Ponpon

99% sure it’s all the beneficiaries both active and inactive.

I went with all beneficiaries

active participants would be wrong since u have retired people who aren’t active. would be beneiciaries

I think questions on correcting overallocation were test questions. If you didn’t know the answer (I doubt any of us did for sure as this situation is not mentioned anywhere in the curriculum), you got two questions wrong.

100% sure beneficiaries.

Remembered that from the mock or sample…You can add interest back but not take interest out. You should also not take it out at market price but at tarde price. My opinion. Ponpon

you sure you don’t take interest out? i thought the opposite because i remember thinking that was kind of a$$ to the client


Pleaes stop saying beneficiaries, I know I am wrong… And I also said self-dealing, and I know that I am also wrong on that one… Ponpon

i had debiting interest as bad…but that was a too part Q…the other part was allocation…i put that was ok but was not confident…definitely the interest was wrong though anyone?

I put allocation wrong because he took the shares out at market value, should be at cost value, imagine if the shares are down 60%… Ponpon

shoot…for the life of me i couldnt understand what they were getting at with cost…just so used to “market value being better than cost” with GIPS i got confused. pon you’re right on that i think

yeah it should be at cost. i still think that you take the interest away from those who should have got the IPO. wasn’t taht on a mock? anyone?>